January 16, 2024
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Reflecting on our shared success in 2023 and the achievements, milestones, and advancements that made a tangible impact on our valued clients.


2023 truly was the year of AI. At least in the sense that many companies took their first steps in implementing the various opportunities the new technology provides. It is not only technology though. Implementing AI technologies in operations is an action that has an impact on all aspects of doing business. It is not only about creating operational efficiency, or analyzing data better, or any other single opportunity provided by these new technologies. It is about fundamental changes to the way we work, to the way companies operate and strive in the market. Looking forward to 2024 and beyond, the biggest transformations are still to come.

At DAIN Studios, we empower businesses from the first data journey, to excelling at artificial intelligence solutions. Our expertise helps businesses to define a clear vision, strategic targets, and an actionable implementation plan for data and AI. Throughout the process, we guide businesses to identify new data-driven opportunities, optimize operations, and innovate new products.

Last year, we celebrated 7 years of DAIN Studios. We also hit 85 on our NPS score at the end of last year, which we are very proud of.

Dive into this article to be taken on a journey through our key achievements and milestones, advancements, and client impacts throughout 2023, and how we are looking forward in 2024.

Highlights & Achievements

As we are taking the first steps into 2024, it is good to take a look at what actually happened in 2023. We are proud to have been a part of various projects that brought us deeper into our client relationships and allowed us to further broaden our expertise as a company.

The year began with taking over the AI Monday event series. AI Monday was founded by Finnish Consultancy firm Taival back in 2017. DAIN Studios has had a long-standing relationship with AI Monday, with co-founders Dirk Hofmann and Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen having delivered presentations at the event as early as 2018. Since taking the reins on AI Monday in January 2023, we have been able to successfully produce 12 events in Helsinki, Berlin, Heilbronn, Dresden, Vienna & Munich and look forward to continuing to nurture this network of curious minds in 2024.

Data Scientist, Máté Váradi had a lot of fun developing our 2023 Oscar prediction model, which is a machine learning model that looks for patterns in the data and finds the factors that are likely to contribute to a win. Paolo Fantinel and Sebastian Krause wrote a three-part series on data science and football, which deconstructed the data around a winning season, football players, and offense and defense quality and uncertainty.

We were thrilled to receive the Top Consultant Award for the second time in 2023, which further cemented out unwavering commitment to growth, innovation, and the invaluable feedback from our esteemed clients.

Technological Advancements

The rapid pace of change in technology and artificial intelligence has brought forth many challenges and opportunities, inspiring us to explore new solutions, adopt cutting-edge tools, and pioneer transformative frameworks. From harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to unlocking new dimensions in data processing and analytics, our journey through 2023 saw some fantastic results and development of new, innovative technologies for our clients.

A significant milestone was releasing the first Generative AI Use Case canvas, which specifically addresses the opportunities and challenges that technologies such as ChatGPT present to businesses. This toolkit is designed to help businesses discover the full potential of generative AI, specific to their needs.

One of our BI developers created a dashboard with Power BI in order to visualize customer survey data. The dashboard incorporates diverse visualizations which are designed to facilitate cross-filtering and cross-highlighting techniques, highlighting how one can dive deeper into data and explore relationships between different fields, thereby identifying influential factors that impact key aspects of business.

We worked with a client in the OTT video transmission space to develop an industry-first cloud-based analytics service, allowing them to transition to “as-a-service” and cater to a wider range of customers. The success of this project not only benefited our client, but also raised the bar for quality and innovation within the industry.

Client Impact

Beyond the lines of code, algorithms, and analytics, our true measure of success is the transformative effect experienced by those who entrust us with their challenges. Below we explore how our collaborative efforts have translated into real-world results, forging partnerships that extend beyond mere transactions into enduring success stories.

Spotting a rare heart disease with the help of AI

Some of our Data Scientists worked with cardiologists at Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) to develop a revolutionary diagnosis tool for the rare heart condition, cardiac sarcoidosis. Having been trained on an archive of combined PET/CT scans and diagnoses of hundreds of former HUS patients, the software we developed was 93% accurate in identifying the disease, which is as good as a clinician.

explainable AI assists ti diagnose a rare heart disease at Helsinki University Hospital

"This is the kind of ‘superpower AI’ that will make important contributions to our lives - if we use it correctly… This AI does not decide for itself, it is strictly an assistant to the doctor in charge, and it is what we call explainable AI - it ‘explains’ its diagnoses by showing what it sees or doesn’t see on the heat maps."

Maximizing OEE in pharma packaging

We collaborated with a manufacturing client to dive into the unexplored opportunities within the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Within a condensed time frame, we were able to identify and validate two pivotal use cases for manufacturing analytics – one for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and one for condition monitoring. We brought the use cases to life and presented the transformative impact of the solutions at the Interpack 2023 showcase.

Empowering the EU film industry with business intelligence tools for data-driven decision making

We worked with CRESCINE – an expert-led consortium who bring together experts in Europe’s film, innovation, and research ecosystem. We collaborated with them to develop data and AI capabilities so that they can continue to expand and grow, while empowering their smaller markets. Through this project, we were able to create a comparative understanding of European small film markets, develop more in-depth knowledge of key industry functions and empower sustainability of the market.

“As Europe's film and content industries evolve, integrating data into financing, production, and distribution becomes increasingly vital.”

Industry Publications & Events

Throughout the year, our representatives participated in a number of external events, including CIO Inside Summit, HR Inside Summit, European Forum Alpbach, Data Innovation Summit and SICK Verpackungstage. We were very proud to witness our team members at these events, and look forward to connecting at more industry events in the future.

We also released a couple of industry publications, including a White Paper on Generative AI as an Ally to Your Business, and a three-part series on Building your Data Governance Framework, which you can access below.

Generative AI as an Ally to Your Business (Whitepaper)

Building your Data Governance Framework (3-part series)


What’s Next?

AI’s advancement is set to further revolutionize various industries, enhancing business practices and processes significantly. This evolution shows no signs of deceleration. In fact, it is likely to gain momentum as an increasing number of companies begin integrating AI into their everyday functions. Embracing this shift and harnessing the advantages of AI and data sophistication is crucial for all businesses. However, this journey is not without challenges. The imminent EU AI Act, concerns about consumer privacy, and the potential effects of AI on employment are among the critical issues that businesses must address presently, not later. Despite these challenges, the potential benefits are substantial. AI promises to enhance business operations, offering greater precision and efficiency across various operational dimensions.


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