July 12, 2023
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Top AI Consultancy 2023

Top AI Consultancy 2023
  • Customer-focused, medium-sized consulting firms compete to receive the seal of approval
  • Since its foundation in 2016, DAIN has grown fast—turning innovative thinking into growth for clients

We are delighted to announce that DAIN Studios, our distinguished data and AI consultancy, has once again been honored with the prestigious Top Consultant Award in Augsburg for 2023. This remarkable achievement further underscores our unwavering commitment to growth, innovation, and the invaluable feedback from our esteemed clients.

DAIN Studios is renowned for unleashing business performance through smart thinking. Our studios bring together a diverse team of 80+ experts who combine extensive business experience with deep knowledge in data and AI. This unique combination enables us to provide exceptional insights and transformative solutions to our clients.

Join us as we embark on an insightful exploration of DAIN Studios’ extraordinary journey, highlighting the driving force behind our success – our talented team of experts and their relentless pursuit of excellence.

The Top Consultant award

Organized by Compamedia, the Top Consultant award has been honoring outstanding achievements since 2010. This accolade brings together customer-oriented, medium-sized consulting firms specializing in IT, HR, and management.

Currently under the leadership of Prof. Dir. Dietmar Fink and Bianka Knoblach, the judging panel evaluates nominated businesses through a customer survey.

The Top Consultant award has a special connection with Christian Wullf (President of Germany from 2010 to 2012) who has acted as mentor for the organization for the last eight years.

DAIN’s professionalism, expertise and customer satisfaction is recognized

DAIN Studios received the Top Consultant award due to our team of experts and their dedication to our clients.

First and foremost, I want to pay tribute to the trust that our clients place in us every day. We have the opportunity to work with extraordinary companies, and this needs to be celebrated.”

CEO and co-founder Dirk Hofmann was keen to highlight that the award resulted from a collective effort.

“But let’s not stop there. I also want to thank our fellow DAINians. If it wasn’t for the talent and commitment of our team, we wouldn’t be able to deliver such great value to firms. In addition, I’d like to applaud everyone who helped to organize the Top Consultant award. It’s always a superb show. So, thank you.”

Top AI Consultancy 2023

DAIN Studios: The place where progress happens

Companies trust DAIN Studios because of our results-driven approach. Our team of experts and global network of partners work swiftly to drive data strategies that impact millions of people.

As a sign of our development, over the last 12 months our team of specialists has grown to 80, and we’ve opened a new studio in Vienna. The site is our fourth in total—joining locations in Helsinki, Berlin, and Munich.

In the future, our intention is to broaden our range of services even more, enabling clients to maximize the benefits of new technology.

About DAIN Studios

We are a data and AI consultancy that helps organizations become more data driven and literate. Companies choose us because of our high standards of service and our comprehensive solutions that span across overall strategy, operations optimization, data training and more.

Dirk Hofmann, Saara Hyvönen, and Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen founded DAIN Studios in 2016. Since then the firm has grown to the point where today the company serves more than 100 clients in 15 different sectors.

In 2021 Körber acquired a majority stake. This move reinforces the ability of DAIN Studios to expand.


Title: DAIN Studios Receives 2023 Top Consultant Award for the 2nd time
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