Data Architecture & Engineering

Data Agility

Data architecture and engineering are foundational elements in making data easily accessible. To keep up with changes in today’s business environment the data architecture needs to allow monitoring of your vital business operations to the right level of detail and be adaptive to changes in the business environment.

Data architecture and engineering

Building the Modern Data Architecture

DAIN Studios’ architecture and engineering services design and build modern data architectures using tested technologies and reevaluate and recommend improvements to existing architectures.

How to succeed in Data & AI transformation?

Introducing the DAIN Data & AI Maturity Model.

Get inspired by use cases across different industries

Repeated success with customer assignments has made us recognized in the ecosystem and highly valued by leading organizations. And Technology Industries of Finland rated DAIN Studios as “one of the five best AI consultancies” in the country – for four consecutive years.

What clients say about us

"I appreciate DAIN Studios as a trusted advisor in all things digitalization, data strategy, data processing, and AI solutions. Based on their deep knowledge and experience in data and AI, they guided us in a number of topics including the newest advancements in generative AI. DAIN Studios has helped take our business areas and functions to the next level on their data and AI journey. DAIN Studios focuses on the relevant business questions and impact generation - whether it is about conceptual or implementation topics."
Christian Schlögel
Chief Digital Officer, Körber