Guidance in the maze of data & AI transformation

It is easy to lose focus in the buzzing world of data & AI, how it impacts modern-day businesses and what you can do to elevate your organisation’s maturity.

To help you avoid the hype and understand where you are on your path to becoming a data-driven company, we have created the DAIN Studios data & AI maturity model.

Together with our expert consultants, you can use our model to gauge your current state across the fundamental building blocks of successful data & AI execution. You can identify key focus areas and build your roadmap with tangible next steps to guide you from discovery to data & AI leadership.

The model successfully links together our experience from consulting and leading data & AI organisations across numerous industries, leveraging the accumulated knowledge of DAIN Studios’ diverse team of engineers, scientists and strategists.

This makes our model uniquely comprehensive, practical and easily tailored to your needs. Because we know that no organisation is the same, and frameworks cannot be one-size fits all solutions in a diverse problem space.


You are becoming aware of the potential data & AI can bring to your organization


You have formulated a strategy and began your journey towards becoming data-driven


You are focused on strengthening your data & AI enablers while starting to generate tangible value


You are leading the way data & AI technology is shaping your industry

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Maturity Model

DAIN Data & AI Maturity Model (DAMM)

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