Towards a Data-driven organization

Data is bigger than ever; yet figuring out how to make the most of it to support current business and create new opportunities is not always simple. DAIN Studios’ offering is designed to answer the main challenges our clients are facing during their transformation towards becoming a data-driven organization.

From strategy to implementation, from optimizing operations to creating new growth, our diverse team can support you throughout the journey. Scroll down to see our productized offering, or contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

Data and AI Strategy

In creating a Data and AI Strategy, we will analyse your opportunities and create new ways to monetize your data. Together we will define a data vision and strategy, and derive prioritized use cases.

A Data and AI Strategy project also involves assessment of your organization’s readiness for leveraging data, through analysing the data enablers and the required actions to fulfill the chosen data vision. We calculate business cases for investments, and create a concrete implementation plan.

The project can be amended by a Data Due Diligence or support for the investment procurement phase, if needed.

The ten building blocks of Data Strategy

data driven

Data-driven Business Development

Data-driven business development means the incorporation of Data and AI as an integral part into all your business processes. This may include working on your data partnerships and ecosystem development, or building the internal processes needed to take full advantage of the data that is being gathered.

We can help you to:

  • define your KPIs to guide strategic and operational decision-making
  • develop new business models for monetizing your data
  • find external data sources to enrich your customer understanding
  • innovate ways to combine your data with partner data to bring more value to your customers
  • define the optimal organizational structure for the data talent
  • define the optimal internal operating/governance model and roles and responsibilities to take data-driven capabilities into use 
  • define and help recruit the needed data roles (e.g. data scientists, data engineers, data architects) 
  • design training programs for non-data experts within your company.

In addition, our experienced consultants will act as project managers to ensure the implementation stays on track, and our data scientists and data engineers support you in all your execution needs.

Ensure the creation and continuous development of your products and services based on data

Digital Transformation

In the digital era, speed of innovation, experimentation, and execution are critical components to success. You need to identify the barriers to growth and innovation and how you can overcome them.

We help you transform into the digital era and enable your employees to work in a data-driven environment.

Inside out transformation

Building internal capacities and accelerator units.

Employer branding

Improve employer branding by various actions, e.g university collaboration, ecosystem events and hackathons

Recruitment strategy

Increase the possibilities for successfully recruiting employees with digital and data mindset.

Build - Measure - Learn

Workshops where your employees will adopt a new digital mindset, learn to take end-to-end ownership and think like entrepreneurs in their day-to-day business.

Data Culture

Implementing data-based thinking in the organizational culture.


Workshop and tailormade training programs by our subject matter experts

Data Science and AI

Data only brings value in able hands.

Our Data Scientists provide analytical solutions to your business goals leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning techniques. From data exploration to predictive modelling and artificial intelligence, we find the right tools and algorithms to improve your business.

Customer Analytics

Customer insights and KPIs
Consumer targeting
Marketing automation
Customer lifecycle management
Churn and propensity models
Price elasticities

Product Analytics

A/B testing and optimization
Context-aware services

Advanced Toolset

Machine Learning
Predictive Modeling
Artificial Intelligence
Data Visualization

Scalable Data and AI Solutions

Data Architecture 

Creation of the data architecture and management strategy and structure. Development of data models, metadata processes, data standards, and data management systems.

Technical Infrastructure and Platform

Development of a robust, scalable data pipeline and platform for end-to-end use case delivery.

Analytical Tools 

Implementation of a scalable analytics environment for machine learning and BI.

Privacy, GDPR 

Guidance and regulatory advice and implementation for meeting your data goals in a privacy-friendly and ethical manner.

AI Labs

With our AI labs we help you systematically identify, assess and prototype new Data and AI opportunities in a lean and iterative approach by delivering:

  • data thinking workshops to jointly identify Data and AI formats
  • systematic approach and assessment to create a prioritized list of Data and AI opportunities including the specification of user stories, scope, targets and KPIs
  • available Data and Analytics environment for a fast and cost effective realization of first PoC cases
  • development of algorithms, followed by systematic testing and evaluation of the PoCs
  • and a roadmap and concept on scaling from PoC towards productization with the creation of an Analytics Playbook.