Sector trends:

  • Headwinds in the film industry: Challenges include generative AI, changes in business models, adjustments in audience behavior, the data monopoly of streamers, and a shrinking pool of funding schemes.
  • Changing focus for stakeholders: To contend with these difficulties there is greater demand for data insights.



  • CRESCINE is an expert-led consortium: the organization brings together experts in Europe’s film, innovation, and research ecosystem. 
  • Financial backing: CRESCINE received Horizon Europe funding for a three-year project (HORIZON-CL2-2022-HERITAGE-01-06).
Business Value

The ability to profile projects and markets supporting quantitative decision-making in assigning grants and public fundings, and the ability to make predictions including the chances a particular film might get commercial success. 


  • Focus on competitiveness and cultural diversity: The Crescine project aims to enhance the competitiveness and cultural diversity of the EU film industry.
  • Spotlight on smaller states: Crescine aims to empower 7 smaller markets: Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium (Flanders), Croatia, and Portugal.
Challenge - Crescine


  • This is where DAIN Studios comes in: As data and AI partner over the three year span of the project we collaborate  to develop Crescine data and AI capabilities. 
  • The center of the project is the State of European Film platform: a data insight tool.


The collaboration encompassed:

  • Creating a film data pool that replaces previously siloed sets, cleans and organizes data, and closes the entire customer journey.
  • Building cloud infrastructure to host the database.
  • Deploying analysis and simulation  tools to draw value from the data.
Crescine - action


These capacities will further Crescine’s goal of improving the competitiveness and cultural diversity of the European film market. Specifically it will:

  • Create a comparative understanding of European small film markets, highlighting challenges and opportunities.
  • Develop more in-depth knowledge of key industry functions including talent acquisition, production processes, and funding ecosystems.
  • Spread best practices around marketing, distribution, streaming, and audience engagement.
  • Empower sustainability, the diversity of the market, and D&I more broadly.
Sten-Kristian Saluveer

Sten Saluveer

Founder & CEO
at Storytek Innovationlab

“Crescine represents a collaborative effort in Europe’s film and content landscape, highlighting the importance of data-driven decision-making. As Europe’s film and content industries evolve, integrating data into financing, production, and distribution becomes increasingly vital. The Crescine project brings together researchers, data specialists, and industry professionals to develop data-driven solutions and insights. In a world rich with information, Crescine aims to equip Europe with the tools and knowledge necessary for informed content creation and distribution.”



CRESCINE’s overall objective is to enhance the competitiveness and cultural diversity of the European film industry. This will be achieved by understanding, engaging with, empowering, and ultimately transforming European small markets through original research and piloting the results in 7 countries. The countries within our specific scope are Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium (Flanders), Croatia, and Portugal.


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