Ideate with and for Generative AI

Start to understand and use Generative AI in your daily processes.

Understand Gen AI's technical foundations, risks and limitations

Define human-machine interactions with you existing processes

Evaluate the usage and define requirements of several generative AIs

Guidance for using GAI throughout your workday

Why organizations need to consider GenAI?

  1. Automate tasks and processes, freeing up employees’ time to focus on higher-value work that requires creativity and critical thinking.
  2. Transform the way companies generate and analyze data.
  3. Create new and innovative products or services, as well as gain insights into customer behavior and preferences.
  4. Opportunity costs of not using it is high, as competitors will use it.
  5. With the proper implementation and oversight, generative AI can improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

“Working with Generative AI will be the most important productivity boost for companies in the next decade.”

Tizian Kronsbein

Workshop Modules

Modules can be chosen individually or booked as intensive bootcamp.

Generative AI


In this crash course, we will create a new brand, product, website, visuals and ads with the help of ChatGPT, Midjourney and co. – In 1 single day!

Type Training
Duration 1 Day
Target Group Everyone
Understand Generative AI


Understand how generative AI works and start mapping suitable tools to your work processes and assess the usage for your organization

Type Training
Duration 1 Day
Target Group Everyone
Generative AI


Based on your job processes and activities our mentors will work with you integrating the most common generative AIs into your workflows and help you to prompt for the outcomes you want.

Type Workshop Training
Duration 1 Day
Target Group Groups from specific business functions.
"🙏 Huge thanks to all the participants and the incredible team of AI experts from DAIN Studios for their invaluable contributions. Your expertise is driving us closer to our vision of revolutionizing fundraising practices with generative AI."
Managing Partner,

Data Thinking meets Generative AI

We expanded our Data Thinking Toolkits for innovating with Generative AI. DAIN’s Generative AI Canvas is deepen the assessment on the usage of the Generative AI tools. It brings light into questions on human-machine interaction steps, quality measures and costs of operations.

Generative AI Canvas
Download the Generative AI Canvas

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