October 18, 2023
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This success story sheds light on the practical journey of converting innovative ideas into real solutions, offering insights into the future of process automation.

Exploring the Potential

We recently collaborated with a machinery manufacturing client to dive into the unexplored opportunities within the pharmaceutical packaging industry. The objective was clear: to optimize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and streamline industrial processes. Notably, we aimed to present our findings at Interpack 2023, which is a major global trade show, within a remarkably tight five-week timeline.

Identifying the Solutions

Within the condensed time frame, we worked diligently to identify and validate two pivotal use cases for manufacturing analytics. From this, we were able to develop two working prototypes – one for OEE and one for condition monitoring – using PowerBI and IoT Ticket. The calculations were implemented in Azure Databricks. These use cases pivoted on harnessing the potential of IoT data to refine industrial processes. By leveraging our client’s proprietary data platform, we were then able to transform raw data into actionable insights.

Showcasing Innovation

With collaborative dedication and expertise, we were able to go beyond simply identifying potential. We brought the use cases to life and presented the transformative impact of the solutions at Interpack 2023. Attendees were impressed by the user-friendliness of the tool and the potential it exhibited for time and cost savings in their own industrial processes.

Audience Feedback

The feedback from the attendees of the trade show was overwhelmingly positive. People were intrigued by the straightforwardness of the solution and recognized its potential to revolutionize their own manufacturing operations. The project wasn’t just a vision of the future, but offered tangible solutions that could be implemented immediately.

Beyond Pharmaceuticals: Endless Applications

This success story transcends the boundaries of the pharmaceutical packaging industry. The solutions, which leverage IoT data and manufacturing analytics, have broader applications. The solutions are versatile and adaptable to other manufacturing processes.

Whether a business is seeking to comprehend the factors influencing OEE variations or aims to leverage IoT data for process optimization, the technology developed and showcased through this collaboration provides significant value. This success story serves as a guide for industries beyond pharmaceuticals, where data-driven decision-making and efficiency are paramount.

Paving the Way for the Future

The achievements of this collaboration extend beyond the present, and lay the foundations for future advancements in process automation. The groundwork achieved by us and the client paves the way for the realization of ‘Dark Factories’ – facilities where automation and data orchestration drive production – signifying an exciting future.

In conclusion, this success story is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation and forward-thinking. With the support of DAIN Studios, our client not only maximized OEE in pharmaceutical packaging, but also illuminated a path towards a more efficient and data-driven future for manufacturing across industries.

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To read more about our project with this client, you can read the success story here.


Title: Maximizing OEE in Pharma Packaging: A Success Story with a Machinery Manufacturing Company
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Updated on January 27, 2024