Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Adding the Intelligence

Collecting and storing data is a starting point but the value is truly created only when advanced analytics is added. With Data Science and AI methods, data can be refined into insights and predictions that aid with managing the business.

Data Science & AI

Our Data Science Services

With our Data Science and AI services, organizations can benefit from our experienced Data Scientists that can help with the first pilot use cases, add expertise to projects or act as an extra set of hands in a team.

Get inspired by use cases across different industries

Repeated success with customer assignments has made us recognized in the ecosystem and highly valued by leading organizations. And Technology Industries of Finland rated DAIN Studios as “one of the five best AI consultancies” in the country – for four consecutive years.

“DAIN Studios has supported us in many initiatives related to data, digitalisation and marketing. We can recommend their expertise in developing data-driven business.
Kati Sulin
Chief Digital Officer, DNA
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