1. Identify and clarify use cases.


2. Analyze and assess requirements.


3. Compare according to holistic criteria.


4. Implementation and maintenance.

Our CDP Framework

A customer data platform (CDP) can be a powerful solution for simplifying the customer journey, but it is important to assess your business in its current state before making a decision on whether or not one is required.

Firstly, it’s important to understand your customer journey. What are the physical and/or digital touch points where customers are most engaged? 

Having a good overview of this will help you to understand where your CDP can work to improve business performance and the overall customer experience.

It is also important to weigh up your options. Is there another way your business could simplify the customer journey? Is the investment into a CDP justified for your business at this point in time?

Finding the answers to these questions or knowing where to begin can be challenging. That’s why DAIN Studios has developed a holistic and dynamic framework to help you navigate this process and explore how a CDP can improve your business and which one to choose.

The Four CDP Typologies

Why DAIN Studios?


We take a holistic approach to analyzing your business in its current state, by assessing your use cases, pain points, and strategic growth plans.


We take time to understand your business and use cases to determine which CDP is most suitable for your specific needs.


Our CDP selection framework is completely objective, meaning you will receive an unbiased and expert solution for your CDP.

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