Navigate the New EU AI Act: Define Your Company's AI Ethics Today!

With AI transforming the business world at a rapid pace, it is crucial for businesses to stay ahead ethically and legally. Understand how to grow sustainably with AI, avoiding risks and aligning with new regulations like the EU’s AI Act.

Despite the recent advances in legislation, mainly the advancement of EU’s artificial intelligence act, businesses must be vigilant how they operate in this evolving and progressively more regulated area. Considering the many opportunities AI offers, the road to growth is still paved with serious risks, such as unethical, or even illegal, use of data in an artificial intelligence project. Moving forward a business needs both a suitable framework and a work force trained in understanding the ethical principles of implementing AI.

To help business leaders on their journey we have prepared a roadmap for companies to navigate the ethical challenges posed by the implementation and application of AI in business processes. DAIN Studios has helped multiple organizations define and set up their ethical principles for AI.

“As AI rapidly transforms the business landscape, navigating its ethical implications and regulatory requirements can be daunting. Our comprehensive roadmap equips you and your organization to harness AI's potential ethically and sustainably, aligning with evolving laws like the EU’s AI Act.”

Dirk Hofmann

DAIN Studios’ approach is based on our proprietary AI Ethical Principles Canvas.

Our approach is two-phased. In the first phase we help you define your principles for Data and AI ethics for your organization.

  • Workshop preparation and material collection
  • Ideation workshop & documentation of workshop results
  • Validation workshop & documentation of workshop results
  • Documentation and distribution of final  principles for Data & AI Ethics
  • Key areas for deployment identified and plan for deployment roadmap.

Phase 1

Define your principles for Data and AI ethics.

  1. Your organisation’s Data & AI Ethics Principles.
  2. Workshop output documentation.
  3. Deployment roadmap plan.
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The second phase will concentrate on transforming principles into practical guidelines.

  • For the key areas, translate the ethical principles into  concrete guidelines
  • Update internal and external communication materials accordingly
  • Give trainings in the relevant areas on updated guidelines and how ethical principles impact daily work.

Phase 2

Transforming your principles into practical guidelines.

  1. Your organisation’s AI Ethics playbook – set of principles and concrete guidelines on ethical considerations and principles when implementing AI.
  2. Bespoke training on updated guidelines and regulations.
Cost based on scope of plan and roadmap in phase 1.

End-to-end AI ethics implementation turns principles to practice

The implementation of artificial intelligence poses significant ethical risks for any company. With DAIN Studios' proven roadmap, tailored to your business needs, you can navigate these challenges seamlessly.

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