August 31, 2023
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How our BI Developer created a dashboard to visualize a customer survey from a fast food restaurant


Microsoft Power BI is one of the most popular business intelligence and data visualization tools. Recently, our BI Developer, José Cordeiro worked on a showcase dashboard which became known as the “Fast Food Restaurant Chain Customer Survey” dashboard.

The scenario

An (imaginary) typical mid-sized restaurant chain has recently conducted a survey on its clients. Example business questions to study could be, e.g. how the chain can maximize their experience, satisfaction and improve their offering

The solution

A customized dashboard was built using Power BI with a purpose-built data set that is inspired from real-world data.

Key features of the dashboard

The primary idea of the dashboard was built upon finding insights through cross-filtering and highlighting different demographics such as age and income.

From this, we were able to explore how the customers’ preference on the perceived experience of buying habits differed in these groups.

Overall, the interface was designed to give a holistic overview of the survey with just one glance, while each area can be studied more closely for specifics by clicking on the individual data points.

"The cross-filtering and cross-highlighting allows you to explore and analyze relationships between data points smoothly and efficiently, providing a clearer understanding of data correlations."

How can dashboards like this improve B2C relationships?

At DAIN Studios, we use quality data to continuously improve businesses. Dashboards such as these are an excellent tool for monitoring the behavior and therefore, having more insights and predictability into the current behaviors and preferences of customers.

This allows for more personalized B2C relationships, such as running a specific campaign for a designated target group based on demographic data, or tracking various patterns in different customers when it comes to their spending.

The dashboard can also work as a stand-point for a survey and dashboard visualization for a company who wants to start collecting feedback from their customers.

“The dashboard incorporates diverse visualizations designed to facilitate cross-filtering and cross-highlighting techniques. These features enable users to delve deeper into the data, explore relationships between different fields, and identify influential factors that impact key business aspects.”

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Title: Using Power BI to Visualize Customer Survey Data
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Updated on October 3, 2023