Maria KorppiSenior Analytics Strategist

Maria is an innovative/experimental physicist with a track record in transferring conceptual ideas into pilot products within a range of organizational settings – from large academic institutions to innovative start-ups making an impact. Maria has extensive knowledge on sensor technologies, signal processing, and data modelling. Topped with an inspiring attitude and drive to push game-changing ideas forward, Maria’s unique skill-set and experience can drive technology and digital strategies into action.

As a global expert on both the science and business of marine renewables, Maria is passionate about wave energy and its application for renewable energy. She has five years of experience working in the Finnish wave energy company, Wello, developing one the world’s first wave energy power plants.

Maria has 10 years of experience in working in research within the fields of optics, material physics, and quantum technology at various world leading institutes including the Max Plank Institute for Quantum Optics/LMU Munich, Aalto University (Applied Optics, Optoelectronics), Swiss Nanoscience Institute and the University of Basel for Experimental Quantum Optomechanics and Quantum Information Technology. She was an Erasmus student at ETH Zurich (Engineering Physics/Applied Physics).

Her doctoral thesis focused on designing and building quantum information platforms, which are expected to have a huge impact on future technology and emerging businesses.