• OEE (Operating Equipment Efficiency) is the critical KPI in industrial production; in order to optimize it, production managers need to understand what situations lead to inefficiencies.
  • IoT telemetry allows remote condition monitoring, but is not always presented in a clear or readable form.
  • Condition monitoring is a critical first step towards predictive maintenance, and already allows users to manually detect possible problems before they occur.


  • Identification of key users, their pain points and deriving prioritize user stories.
  • Development of two working prototypes (one for OEE and one for condition monitoring) using PowerBI and IoT Ticket.
  • Live customer feedback on working prototypes at Interpack trade show.


  • Positive feedback and interest from customers at trade shows.
  • Go-decision for productization achieved.
  • The product will include new advanced analytics and forecasting capabilities.
  • The product will change the ways of working and improve efficiency.
Business Value

Setting the groundwork for future advances in OEE, process automation and dark factories.


Machinery Manufacturing

The client is a European-based global market leader in pharmaceutical packaging machines. Their products are sold across the globe and are known for their quality and performance.

Industrial Goods, Manufacturing, Pharma


OEE, Production, Predictive Maintenance

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Dirk Hofmann
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