• How to leverage data as a core enabler for successfully implementing the digital first strategy.
  • How to convert data into business value by driving systematic and effective customer engagement across all touch points and services.
  • “Sweating the asset”: optimizing core functions such as marketing, network operations, etc.


  • Define the data-driven target state based on the business strategy and current state.
  • Build data-driven organization across group incl: Data environment (c360), AI and data service portfolio, Value-driven design of E2E use case portfolio, Trainings to drive data literacy across organizations.


  • Group data organization and capabilities established providing data capabilities to the OpCos.
  • Systematic value-driven use case portfolio established across OpCos.
  • First wave of data-driven use cases in marketing delivered doubling success rate.
  • Systematic training of business leaders to grow data literacy.
Business Value

Revenues & Cost Optimization, Data Literacy.



A leading provider of digital services and communications solutions in Central and Eastern Europe with around 27 million customers, currently operating in seven countries. Offering communications, payment and entertainment services as well as integrated business solutions, it achieved revenues of 5.0 billion Euros by year end 2022.

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Data & AI Transformation

Sales & Marketing

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Tizian Kronsbein
Tizian Kronsbein
Head of DAIN Academy