DAIN Studios is your partner for smart data and AI strategies. We empower businesses from the first data journey to excelling at Artificial Intelligence solutions.

We make your data work for you.

Data-driven success

DAIN Studios helps you define a clear vision, strategic targets and an actionable implementation plan for data and AI. All along the process we guide you to identify new data-driven opportunities, optimize operations and innovate new products.

To secure a data-driven success that lasts, our data engineers design and build your data architecture and technical infrastructure and our data scientists and ML engineers build the predictive models to be prepared for the future. 

Repeated success with customer assignments has made us recognized in the ecosystem and highly valued by leading organizations. And Technology Industries of Finland rated DAIN Studios as “one of the five best AI consultancies” in the country – for four consecutive years.

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Our success stories

We bring the best practices in Data and AI from one industry to the next. DAIN Studios has a wealth of experience in both B2B and B2C businesses, such as media, smart manufacturing, banking, insurance, retail, pharma, and telecommunications.

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