• Our large forestry customer needed support in building a solution for the management of a large body of documents generated along their order process.
  • The solution needed to smoothly integrate with different systems across the globe, within the different steps of the value chain & with external systems, e.g., Custom Offices and Customers’ ERP systems.
  • The solution needed to boost automation and be scalable.


  • Clustering of the document types and relative end-to-end processes (from creation to archive).
  • Identification of key users and their pain points.
  • Definition of performance and financial KPIs to evaluate different solutions (build/buy).
  • Identification of market and possible in-house solutions.
  • RFI with potential providers with appropriate KPIs. 


  • The three best solutions were identified.
  • Evaluation process and KPIs to support the RFP defined.
  • Prepared an RFP for the best three providers.
  • Consolidation and analysis of all requirements and materials.
  • Alignment with all internal stakeholders and players. 

Business Value

Automation for the management of a large body of documents generated along the order process.


Forestry Company

Our client is a large global forestry company with factories and operations around the globe. 

Industrial Goods, Manufacturing

Data & AI Transformation, Data Literacy, Industrial, Sustainability

Manufacturing, Sales, Delivery.

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Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen
Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen
CEO of DAIN Studios Finland, Co-Founder