Manufacturing Automotive


The client is a globally leading manufacturing company employing over 60,000 people in 60 countries worldwide. DAIN has done many projects for the client over the years ranging from the definition of the data strategy and analytics operating model to the implementation of data-science use cases.

AI helps Sales

AI helps sales leaders drive effectiveness with optimized cost

In our digitized world, AI will revolutionize the way we approach sales. The tech will help us manage and predict customer behavior, improve forecasting accuracy based on market and customer needs, automate repetitive tasks, and identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Across the board, AI will boost sales effectiveness and lower costs. Many businesses are already …

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European Bank

European Bank

Large European bank with operations in multiple markets set themselves on the journey of omnichannel personalization with data and automation. DAIN Studios helped the client formulate the personalization strategy, formulate the data requirements and bring the new program into execution for the upcoming years.

Industrial Goods


Körber Technologies develops technology to pave the way for client companies on their journey towards the Factory of Excellence. As companies from all industries are faced with new challenges, Körber Technologies collaborates with them to combine multiple components and create holistic solutions. Company expertise is used to develop solutions that span multiple industries, from tobacco …

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