January 16, 2020
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Our Most Popular Content on Artificial Intelligence (AI) from 2019

2019 was a year that saw some interesting developments in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and we have decided to start 2020 with a recap of some of our content that gained high interest throughout last year. In a nutshell, we covered a rather broad range of data topics and business interests in our whitepapers, blogs, videos and presentations. Our most popular content is recapped below:

Explainable Artificial Intelligence (xAI): Finally, we can start to demystify artificial intelligence by taking it out of the black box and help humans understand machine learning systems. In the blog Explainable Artificial Intelligence, DAIN Studios’ Senior Data Scientist, Boyan Angelov, walks us through the fundamentals of xAI and its opportunities, caveats and what we can expect in the near future.

How to Define and Execute your Data and AI Strategy: Many of DAIN’s projects are about defining and implementing data and AI strategies across various industries and business functions. DAIN Co-founders Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen and Dirk Hofmann examine the common issues they see in companies pursuing data and AI strategies, with a focus on people. “In our experience, the best way to assess a company’s Data and AI maturity, is to start by focusing on what companies do with their data and analytics people”. Bringing decades of experience together, the White Paper How to Define and Execute you Data and AI Strategy goes into detail on how businesses and leaders should approach the different strategic elements that enable the implementation of a data and AI strategy. 

Elo Journey with Data – A Client Perspective: A data strategy was also the starting point of our collaboration with the pension insurer Elo, whose journey in improving their customer experience through data was described in an interview with Development director Eija Kaipainen-Perttula. “Data strategy work is central to ensure that things are properly thought through. We had already come up with a few use cases, for example in relation to targeted customer communication, but this data strategy cooperation brought up a whole host of new options. Additionally, we gained understanding on how we should renew our operations to achieve our goals,” Eija says in the article.

The Rise of the Data Strategist: A new role is emerging in the business world, as the demands from business leaders and managers grow to rapidly respond to the changing business needs. Our Senior Data Scientist, Boyan Angelov, outlines the differences between talking with a data scientist and the translational role of a data strategist, in the blog that went viral.

Design Thinking for Data and AIIn the blog by DAIN Studios’ Senior AI Consultant, James Keirstead, and based on presentations given by James and DAIN Studios’ Co-Founder and CEO Dirk Hofmann at design consultancy IXDS, we explore the close connections between design thinking and data-driven design. As data is the foundation of AI, to leverage the opportunity of prototyping with AI requires a new more intensive models of collaboration between service design and data experts – from the beginning. The good news is that the processes and iterations of design thinking and ML/data development processes are highly compatible. 

In addition to client work, DAINians are keen on prototyping and experimenting with AI. Some of the demos which we shared with the outside world last year include: 

Reinventing the Kalevala with AI: To celebrate Kalevala Day on the 28th February 2019, DAIN Studios facilitated several Artificial Intelligence (AI) demonstrations using Kalevala poetry at the Gallen-Kallela Museum. DAIN also collaborated with Sanoma to develop an online AI Kalevala text generator. Add a word and a new Kalevala-style poem will be generated. The seed word has to be found in the original Kalevala epoc. The machine will suggest different Kalevala words when you start to write the word. You can try out the AI text generator on the Helsingin Sanomat website here

DAIN at Slush: One of the highlights from 2019 was our computer vision demo called Naama that DAIN had at Slush, a highly attended global event for startups held in Helsinki in the month of November.  To accompany the demo, we published a series of blogs about computer vision AI ranging from how to develop a computer vision AI prototype, to how it can use explainable AI, to the ethical considerations that arise from computer vision AI. Please get in touch with us if you would like to experience our computer vision AI demo called Naama that gained attention at Slush.

AI and Ethics: As our clients explore the opportunities and possibilities of AI, we also had some important questions on data rights, computer vision AI for facial recognition and some of the potential negative impacts of AI. DAIN Studios’ Co-founder, Saara Hyvönen, answers some pertinent questions on the technology, developments and ethical issues of computer vision AI for facial emotion recognition, read about that here.  

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2019 showed us that AI and the field of data science has evolved in many different directions and that businesses are expecting to continue identifying and exploring opportunities using AI. If you would like more information on any of the topics above, contact us!


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