January 10, 2023
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The Nordic Ethical AI Landscape is a seal of approval

  • DAIN Studios has been been given the Nordic Ethical AI Landscape quality stamp
  • The seal of approval highlights ethical use of AI and data
  • Nordic Ethical AI Landscape is a Nordic Innovation project that aims to boost regional growth
Helsinki. 10 January, 2023: DAIN Studios ended 2022 by getting recognised for its responsible use of AI and data. The company was one of only four consultancies to win membership to the Nordic Ethical AI Landscape.

"At DAIN Studios we welcome the chance to demonstrate the standard of our work and show our focus on ethical AI and data use,” says DAIN Studios co-founder, Saara Hyvönen. “The ascension to the Landscape is testament to all the hard work our teams have put in.”

Ethical AI Landscape, Nordic Innovation
Ethical AI Landscape, Nordic Innovation

“We’re ready to do our bit”

Rapid advances in AI and data can have a profound effect on society. That’s why it’s important there are ways to distinguish those companies that use the latest technology responsibly.

"DAIN Studios takes its ethical responsibilities very seriously. Tech advances must make a positive impact on society over the long term, and we’re ready to do our bit,” says DAIN Studios co-founder, Saara Hyvönen.

The longstanding commitment by DAIN Studios to ethics makes the inclusion in the Nordic Ethical AI Landscape particularly welcome.

Quality stamp highlights best practice

The Nordic Ethical AI Landscape is a seal of approval, designed to let people discover which companies in the Nordic region use AI and data most responsibly.

The organization continuously reviews submissions for the Landscape, and the system of categorisation is comprehensive—dividing the data and AI community into five sections: Targeted AI Solutions and Technologies, Data for AI, ModelOps and Monitoring, AI Audits and GRC, Institutions, and Consulting Firms.

Project aims to foster innovation

The Nordic Ethical AI Landscape isn’t just about protecting consumers from harm, it’s also about boosting growth. The membership scheme is a Nordic Innovation project. As such, it helps Nordic businesses realize the benefits of the most recent legislative, technical and ethical developments—pushing regional firms to become global leaders.

With this end in mind, the seal of approval is designed to be used for branding and communication purposes—alerting potential investors and stakeholders to a firm’s ethical credentials. In addition, the Landscape is important as a forum for sharing ideas and expertise.

By bringing together businesses, Nordic Innovation has created a valuable ecosystem in which firms can find new collaboration partners, potential customers, subcontractors and investment prospects. This sort of network is particularly valuable in a sector like AI and data where synergies between businesses are highly prized.

“Landscape membership is just the start” for DAIN Studios

DAIN Studios has big ambitions for 2023, a year in which the EU may finalize its regulatory proposals for AI.

“Landscape membership is just the start of our mission to lead the rapidly evolving field of AI and data ethics. We’re particularly excited about making progress in the key areas of transparency and explainability,” says DAIN Studios co-founder, Saara Hyvönen.

About Nordic Innovation

Nordic Innovation

Nordic Innovation is an organization under the Nordic Council of Ministers. It aims to make the Nordics a pioneering region for sustainable growth by promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness in Nordic businesses.
It supports the Nordic prime ministers’ vision that the Nordic region will become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world in 2030.

The purpose of the Nordic Ethical AI Landscape project is to create an overview showcasing Nordic companies specialized in ethical AI and responsible use of data.

About DAIN Studios

DAIN Studios is a data and AI consultancy that helps organizations become data driven. Companies choose the firm because of its high standards of service and start-to-finish solutions that range from strategy to operations optimization.

The company’s team of experts provide substantial improvements in business performance—and help protect the individual rights of consumers too.

2022 was a momentous year for DAIN Studios. Not only did the firm win the Top Consultant Award for positive client feedback, but also Körber Digital acquired a majority stake in the business.


Title: DAIN Studios Gains Membership to Nordic Ethical AI Landscape
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