Data Trainings

Becoming data-driven is more than trust building prototypes. Training the leadership and the entire workforce on the topics of data, analytics, and artificial intelligence is an essential action item on the road towards becoming a data-driven organisation.

Transform your business with our data training services. Learn from the experts: How to make data work for you?

How we do data trainings?

Why training on data, analytics & AI?

Data Science

Making better decisions more effectively

Data Thinking

Becoming more relevant to customers

Data Visualization

Higher revenue, productivity & profit

Be able to compete in the market of tomorrow

Why is training needed?

  • Data, and especially AI, is still connected to a lot of fear, uncertainty, doubt (FUD).
  • Becoming data-driven brings organisational changes which require diligently training your workforce.
  • Data-driven organisations have a data culture which is lived by from the very top of the organisation.
  • Recruiting for new data roles is a challenge which makes internal training often a necessity.
  • Training on data topics can reduce employee turnover and improve performance.

Different training audiences

There are many ways of categorizing these stakeholders, and there can be overlaps between these groups, but we have found this categorization relevant for their intrinsic motivation and perspective on assessing data maturity.

Data Decision Makers

Focus on creating the right conditions for execution and data-driven culture.

Typically have a more bird’s eye view on the overall maturity of the organization. The Data Strategists are typically in the leadership and need to make sure to create the right conditions for transforming the organization to be data-driven and -informed.

Citizen Data Scientist

Focus on flexible use of data and analytics for different purposes.

Data users often need to work with the data, need to be able to make their own analysis and answer ad-hoc questions. Therefore need to be able to understand the data and also being able to change the parameters of analysis.

Data Consumers

Focus on repeatedly answering recurring questions fast and in an easy way.

Data consumers don’t have a need to do self-determined analysis themselves. They need to answer the same cyclical questions. They have the need for a standardized, easy to understand data landscape.

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