2–3 hour session
Live or remote
Preparation time
2–3 weeks
We can research, add, and discuss industry- or client-specific cases and challenges.

Focus Topics

We can offer masterclasses in a variety of topics and also customize them to your needs.

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Finnish Manufacturing Company

We created a practical Data Literacy journey for experts and team leads. The focus was not only to introduce the concepts and processes, but also to let the participants work on ideating real, relevant analytics use cases.


2 month timeframe from introduction to closing session. 12 hours of online participation, 12 hours of offline team work.


Remote seminars, workshops, discussion sessions, and offline team work.

Target Group
Several cohorts of 100+ participants from different business areas and countries.
Finnish - Performance indicators of digital commerce and the development of them

The course was divided into theoretical part and practical part. The theory section concentrated on general information of business intelligence and analytics, how to develop good (Key) performance indicators for digital business and tie them into organization’s strategy and general principles on data visualization. The practical part consisted of exercises on Tableau, where students learned to use the program and gradually worked their way through a fully functioning dashboard on example data.


2 full working days (2 x 8 hours).



Target Group

15 students in various functions, mainly in sales and marketing

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