AI for Good

Claudia Winkler

Claudia Winkler

By integrating targeted tools and evaluating their effectiveness through prototyping, we hope to streamline operations and maximize the efficiency of fundraising efforts to increase our impact. We’re also taking ethical considerations seriously, developing measures to address concerns and ensure responsible AI implementation. ­čÖĆ Huge thanks to all the participants and the incredible team of AI …

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Caritas Generative AI Workshop

Generative AI Opportunity Workshop for Good is an initiative of the Austrian Caritas that operates an e-commerce platform where people can become active and do something good for society. The company is partnering up with different organizations to offer a range of sustainable products. For each product purchased, a donation goes to a social project for people in need.

To increase the impact of the donations through efficient and effective processes, Wirhelfen-shop searched for opportunities to utilize GenerativeAI in the upper marketing funnel. DAIN conducted a one-day workshop with to ideate feasible and impactful use cases with them that they can pursue further.