• The fundraising costs affect the impact of the donations. Therefore, it is important to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the processes.
  • Limited expertise to understand how AI can be used in NPO fundraising to increase the impact of donations.
  • Solutions need to be feasible for a small organization.


One full day workshop addressing three main questions:

  • What is generative AI and what can you use it for?
  • What are meaningful use cases to utilize generative AI in the focus area?
  • What is the impact and feasibility of the use cases?


The team learned new data thinking methods to find and evaluate opportunities of applying AI. In the end, 12 use case ideas on how to utilize Generative AI in the upper marketing funnel were ideated. Out of these, 3 were evaluated as highly relevant that should be pursued further.

12 use cases ideas regarding three focus topics:

  1. Creatives design
  2. Target group definition
  3. Cooperation opportunities

3 refined use cases with impact and feasibility estimation

Business Value

Team learned data thinking for AI opportunities. Ideated 12 use cases for Generative AI in marketing funnel. 3 highly relevant cases to pursue.


Initiative of the Austrian Caritas that operates an e-commerce platform where people can become active and do something good for society.

The company is partnering up with different organizations to offer a range of sustainable products. For each product purchased, a donation goes to a social project for people in need.

AI for Good, Impact

DAIN Academy, Data Training, Generative AI

Customer acquisition, marketing efficiency and effectiveness, cooperation partner identification.

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