September 15, 2023
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A1 Telekom Austria Group's journey to data-driven excellence

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, where data is hailed as the new gold, mastering data and AI capabilities is not merely an advantage—it’s a necessity. A1 Telekom Austria Group has set an inspiring example in this context. Together with DAIN Studios, they launched a large-scale data and AI training program, transforming their workforce into data-savvy professionals. This article explores how A1 overcame challenges to bolster its data literacy, thereby fortifying its competitive edge in the industry.

Identifying and addressing data challenges

As of year-end 2021, A1 Telekom Austria Group marked its dominance with 26 million customers in seven countries and revenues equaling 4.75 billion euros. However, A1 identified some gaps in its data capabilities, making it imperative to take proactive steps. The challenges included limited data use case execution, variances in data maturity across different regions, and barriers in communication between business experts and data scientists.

Raising data literacy

The plan was, to sustain a competitive edge, A1 needed to focus on:

  • Upgrading data maturity across its operating nations
  • Amplifying data literacy within diverse business units
  • Aligning data capabilities with business operations
  • Ensuring measurable and tangible outcomes
  • The strategic action: A tailored training program

Together, A1 and DAIN crafted an extensive two-month training program, seamlessly integrating theoretical knowledge with practical modules, facilitated by DAIN trainers and A1 mentors.

Participants actively engaged in identifying business pain points, conceptualizing data use cases, and presenting their ideas to the senior management. Additionally, team-building activities and gamification elements were integrated to enrich the learning experience and enhance community building.

Unpacking the impact: More than just numbers

The program achieved its goals:

  • Upskilling: Over 1,000 business leaders were transformed into domain experts. Another 2,000 employees received foundational training.
  • Problem-Solving: 86 new business-driven data use cases were developed.
  • Networking: There was a marked increase in cross-country dialogue on data and AI, creating an ecosystem for continuous learning and improvement.

Becoming a data-centric organization

Elena Ravnjashki
Elena Ravnjashki

Senior Learning & Development Expert at A1 Telekom Austria Group

“We have seen improvements in data literacy among employees since implementing the program, including a mindset shift towards starting with the business problem rather than the available data, and increased eagerness to learn and implement use case ideas.”

The program, in Elena Ravnjashki’s words, brought about a significant “mindset shift.” It wasn’t just about the numbers; it was about instilling a culture of data-driven decision-making. The training initiative, beyond merely being a learning avenue, proved to be a catalyst in A1’s journey towards becoming a data-centric organization. It strengthened A1’s resolve to forge ahead in a competitive industry.


A1 Telekom Austria Group’s training initiative serves as a compelling case study for how organizations can effectively navigate the complexities of data and AI. In partnership with DAIN, A1 has shown that targeted skill-building, collaborative learning, and an unwavering focus on real-world challenges can result in transformative change. As we navigate an era where data and AI are integral to success, A1’s journey stands as an illustrative example for other organizations looking to embark on similar paths.

A1’s success demonstrates that the road to digital transformation is not just paved with data and AI but with the human element that brings these technologies to life.

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