August 9, 2022
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Community partnership between HDSM and Data Natives 2022

What’s the secret to mobilizing advances in data science and AI? Collaboration. That’s why it’s great to see a community partnership between Helsinki Data Science Meetup and Data Natives 2022 (DN22). Data Natives hold the top data and AI conference in Europe this year. DN22 is a key meeting point for some of the brightest minds in the data science community.

  • The partnership gives you a discount on DN22 tickets and brings together the data science public
  • Data Natives is the world’s largest data-driven community
  • Data Natives will bring together hundreds of influential professionals and an important list of speakers, for their 2022 annual event in Berlin
  • Helsinki Data Science Meetup (HDSM) is a quarterly event series for people in Europe who share a passion for data science and AI
Data Natives 2022

HDSM and Data Natives alliance is a boost for innovation

The collaboration between HDSM and Data Natives is part of a wider trend in data science towards cooperation. This is a good thing. There are various advantages to a collaborative mindset: Firstly, quite simply, more people working together will create new synergies. Secondly, pooling knowledge between organizations will lead to lessons getting learnt across otherwise siloed data sets. Thirdly, as the saying goes, ‘many hands make light work’. The most complex problems often benefit from analysis among a larger group of people. So, communities such as HDSM and Data Natives spreading the love will improve the potential of the data science community to take on the toughest challenges.

What is Data Natives?

Data Natives aims to bring to life the innovations of tomorrow. Change doesn’t happen where knowledge is isolated. So Data Natives connects the data community, updating and expanding the collective knowledge of the sector through inspiring events.

Founded in 2015, Data Natives is a meeting point for 183,000 members. This makes it the largest association of data professionals on the planet. The group arranges events each year in key tech hubs across the globe. Their work culminates in an annual Data Natives conference in Berlin.

What is the Helsinki Data Science Meetup?

The Helsinki Data Science Meetup (HDSM) happens four times each year. It’s a hybrid event series designed to update and expand knowledge in data science, data analytics, data management, and AI.

Attendees at the gatherings shape the future of Europe’s data scene. The aim is to have a dialogue about what’s happening at the moment. Hosted on each occasion by different companies, it’s about sharing insights, best practices, and use cases of real companies.

For example, on November 24, 2021, a HDSM was hosted by Supercell. In what became the biggest event in HDSM history—the Finnish development company took attendees on an exclusive behind the scenes tour of their data operation, allowing participants to ask direct questions to their data team.

DN22 takes place in Berlin from 31 August to 2 September 2022

The partnership between HDSM and Data Natives will focus on the annual Data Natives event (DN 22) this summer. The gathering will connect data scientists, data engineers, and AI and ML experts. During the gathering wide-ranging discussions will include topics such as Python, NLP, transformer networks, augmented analytics, and blockchain.

DN 22 presents a top speaker line-up

Speakers in previous years have included Christopher Wiggins, the Chief Data Scientist at The New York Times and Erika Cheung, Executive Director at Ethics in Entrepreneurship. DN22 has a conference line-up that’s as good as ever. This year’s headliners include Javier Blanco Cordero, Senior Data Scientist at Quix, Dora Petrella, Data Scientist at Metro Digital, and Tapan Shah, Lead Scientist at General Electric.

In a sign of the gathering’s status, trusted event partners in 2022 include industry heavyweights Quix, Metro Digital, and IBM.

The three-day conference has five focal points: data science, data economy, future society, Startup, and blockchain and Web 3 data.

The venue is the atmospheric Kühlhaus Berlin—a central location that’s a stone’s throw from Germany’s central borough of Berlin Mitte.

Get 15% discount on DN22 tickets

How can you attend DN22?

For those that are unable to make it to Berlin in person, it’s worth noting that the conference, workshops, and networking sessions will take place both online and offline. Tickets are available here.


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