• Our client wanted to understand how to leverage common data & analytics platform for driving brand desire, profitability and consumer lifetime value
  • How to develop compelling and consistent omnichannel customer experiences?
  • How to improve data-driven sales and marketing in local units?
  • How to improve customer acquisition and retention?


  • Interviews with key stakeholders to understand current state and target ambition
  • Use case identification and prioritization workshops
  • Findings from interviews and workshops are used to define data & AI strategy and implementation plan
  • Customer base dashboard developed and used to derive insights and recommendations for use cases


  • Current state assessment and data strategy document with recommended actions
  • Definition of prioritized use cases and execution roadmap.
  • Insights dashboards for customer service and own stores.
  • Customer base analysis and key findings for improving customer journey and help prioritize use cases
Business Value

Data & AI Strategy, Concrete Roadmap of Actions, Customer Engagement


Consumer Goods

Our client is a global consumer goods company focusing on design brands for home, kitchen and outdoors.

DAIN Studios has been a trusted partner in shaping data strategy and developing data and analytics capabilities for improving customer experience across customer touch points and driving ecommerce sales.

Consumer Goods, Manufacturing

Data & AI Transformation

Sales Processes & Costumer Service

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Saara Hyvönen
Saara Hyvönen
Co-Founder and Analytics Executive