Data & AI Transformation

Elena Ravnjashki

Elena Ravnjashki

“The goals of the training program were to train 1000 business domain experts, generate use case ideas for real business pain-points, and increase cross-country exchange on the topic of data and AI. The program was successful in generating 86 use cases from 8 cohorts and connecting experts to increase ongoing exchange and support.”


A1 Telekom Austria Group

A1 Telekom Austria Group is the leading fixed and mobile network operator in Central Europe Globally at year-end 2021, the group had 17,856 employees, 26 million customers in seven countries, and revenue of 4.75B euros.

Christian Schlögel, Körber

Christian Schlögel

“I appreciate DAIN Studios as a trusted advisor in all things digitalization, data strategy, data processing, and AI solutions. Based on their deep knowledge and experience in data and AI, they guided us in a number of topics including the newest advancements in generative AI. DAIN Studios has helped take our business areas and functions …

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