Case Study

Identifying new sales leads for a B2B company


  • How should we use our scarce sales resources?
  • Which of our customers are most likely to purchase our add-on services?
  • What factors (data attributes) predict whether a customer is likely to be interested in our service offering?


  • Make a look-a-like modelling of the current service customers and find similar ones among non-customers
  • Rank prospects in the order of purchase likelihood and provide the lists to the sales units


  • The hit rate of 10% of the highest ranked companies was 3-5 times higher than that of a random selection of companies
  • Sales units could use their efforts more effectively and improve their hit rate

Reference Case: B2B Sales

Business Value

Sales Increase & Customer Satisfaction



The client is a globally leading manufacturing company employing over 60,000 people in 60 countries worldwide.

DAIN Studios has done many projects for the client over the years ranging from the definition of the data strategy and analytics operating model to the implementation of data-science use cases.

Industrial Goods, Manufacturing

Data & AI Transformation

Sales & Customer Satisfaction

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