November 14, 2018
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100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics You Should Follow in 2019 and beyond

Congratulations to Saara Hyvönen co-founder of DAIN Studios who was named in the 100 brilliant women shaping the future of AI Ethics. Also congratulations to Meeri Haataja from OP Helsinki, Minna Mustakallio from Futurice, and Natalia Rincon from CHAOS architects.

Saara Hyvönen is a Co-Founder and Analytics Executive at DAIN Studios.

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Saara Hyvönen is one of the three Co-Founders of DAIN Studios. She has extensive experience in the area of Data and AI strategy development, identifying optimal data use cases and defining related requirements on data, architecture and compliance. From algorithms to AI ethics, she loves making data work by finding answers to the full range of what, why, and how questions.


Title: Saara Hyvönen, Co-Founder of DAIN Studios, Named in the 100 Brilliant Women Shaping the Future of AI Ethics
DAIN Studios, Data & AI Strategy Consultancy
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