July 3, 2017
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Our first product goes live today: Together with traffics we will bring the first travel recommendation engine to the German market

We are very excited that we have reached an important milestone in growing our company. Today at the world´s leading travel show ITB in Berlin we will showcase, for the first time our, recommendation engine as part of the traffics internet booking engine which serves around 300 travel portals in the German speaking markets.

Via the cooperation with traffics we build our recommendation engine on rich data sets utilising over 16 million data points, including:

  • Almost 600,000 hotels in almost 60,000 resorts covering the globe.
  • Each hotel is profiled using around 40 facility characteristics featuring services and amenities like wellness, sport and entertainment.
  • Standard hotel ratings are used to classify the establishments as well as feedback from guests and residents.
  • The opinions of over 6.5 million reviews are considered and factored into recommendations.
  • The recommendations are flexible and can be adapted to endorse or commend on geography, hotel facilities, popularity or other such elements.
  • Recommendations can be sorted and ranked using any or all of the items mentioned or even supplied in a wholly random fashion.
  • Data is continually updated with new hotels, new offers and new reviews.

While this is our first step we already started to work on our long list of further ideas how we can help the travel ecosystem to provide a more engaging consumer experience via analytics.

How we see the future of this industry is also something we share during our speech, ,”Impact of AI for the travel industry“, as part of the eTravel conference during the ITB.

Find the official traffics press release (in German) here.
And here the English version:

One step ahead of the customer

Traffics brings the first travel recommendation engine to the German travel market

Artificial Intelligence in Tourism: As the first travel technology company in Germany, Traffics now offers a recommendation engine.  The engine was developed in co-operation with Dain Studios. Traffics wants to disrupt the travel market with new technology and incorporate artificial intelligence into the industry.

In using the recommendation engine a travel operator would be able to generate specific recommendations for alternative products and to offer these in tailored and personalised form to the customer during the search and booking process. The aim is to advise consumers depending on their preferences, with the intention to increase the conversion or sales rate. To calculate/determine suggestions Traffics uses multiple sources to gather information such as reviews, facts regarding the hotels and transaction data from caching systems and other user specific information.

“We are happy that we were able to develop this new technology ready for the market so quickly together with our partner Dain Studios”, comments Marc Herrgott,  COO in Traffics. “ Traffics has recognised the topic of artificial intelligence early as an innovator.  We are happy to promote this innovation together”, complements Dirk Hofmann, founding partner in Dain Studios.

About Traffics

Since 1999 Traffics is one of the leading companies for travel technology and stands for innovative, customer oriented solutions in the travel industry. Their product portfolio goes from a tourist computer reservation system via internet booking engines to exclusive tourist content. This makes the Berlin based company one of the leading providers of reservation, consultation and booking systems for travel agencies as well as web, TV and mobile applications. With HeliView Traffics offers a worldwide unique technology for interactive travel search from a helicopter perspective with an integrated booking function. More than 6000 travel agencies, well-known travel portals, airlines, hotels and travel providers use the system. Their continued work with innovations has been recognised with various awards.

About DAIN Studios

Dain Studios stands for Digital, AI (artificial intelligence) and Insights and started operations in March 2016 in Germany (Munich) and Finland (Helsinki). The team consists of experts with years of experience in the fields of digital, artificial intelligence and big data. Dain Studios has helped companies in travel, media, telecoms, consumer goods manufacturing and the banking sector and covers the whole spectrum of data and analytics – from data strategy development, data driven optimisation of finance, distribution and marketing processes to the development of AI driven product offerings.


Title: Our First Product Goes Live!
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