March 23, 2022
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We are happy to welcome Munira to our team introductions. Munira is a Data Scientist working for our Helsinki studio. Munira joined DAIN around one year ago. Alongside her role as a Data Scientist, Munira also works on some Data Engineering tasks.

What made you decide to become a data scientist?

I would say that it all started by chance. I had previous experience in engineering and had been working in the aviation factory. After relocating to Helsinki, without perfect Finnish, I was not able to continue working in the same area. So, narrowing down the fields where possible to work with English language, I tried some computer science courses from Helsinki University. I found myself really interested in machine learning and related disciplines. I decided to deepen my knowledge and continue my journey as a student at Aalto University. But to be honest the path was not easy!

How would you describe a typical day in your role at DAIN?

I wouldn’t say that I have a typical day, all days are different. It can be a mix of projects, meetings, coding, overall I would say that I have different responsibilities. The meetings are varied depending on what is required, or if there is an impediment to resolve with the team.

Munira, Data Scientist at DAIN Studios
Munira Khamitova, Data Scientist

What are the highlights of your job and what do you enjoy the most?

I really enjoy the learning process, every milestone has new learning opportunities. Each phase contains new things, you can’t always have a tool box ready for the current phase, that’s why you need to be adaptable and learn. This is a consultancy so it is not possible to always have everything prepared to go with as there are so many different sides of the requests. Another highlight is having happy clients who are satisfied with your work and who use your analysis going forwards. Seeing that your work is useful and that clients are happy with it, is something that really motivates me.

What surprised you the most as you started working as a data scientist?

It surprised me that DAIN Studios is a small company compared to larger corporations. And that there are not always exact set processes in place. However, this means that I can jump on different types of roles and projects. Or even in the current projects you can take on something new outside of your role. I have enjoyed taking on some data engineering tasks Perhaps in bigger companies where there are exact roles and responsibilities outlined, it may be more difficult to jump between roles and try something new- here at DAIN there is the opportunity for that!

" I think it is important to be able to see, and predict or improve, not just limit yourself to the needs of what is required by someone."

What is the one skill that you need as a data scientist that many are largely underestimating?

One thing that I have which I feel is quite important is imagination! If you would like to drive projects and predict impediments, you really need to see a bigger picture. You need to be able to imagine what kind of blocks could be in the project. It is like a big map or picture when you put everything together. I think it is important to be able to see, and predict or improve, not just limit yourself to the needs of what is required by someone. You are supposed to be able to expand on this and think about what else could be done, impediments or problems that you may have in future, or improvements to be done in future.

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

Actually, I really enjoy horse riding! I go riding twice a week and it is a great way to relax & reset the brain!. It is both great for physical training & mental health too.

How do you stay motivated working from home during these remote times?

I mentioned horse riding because it is great to switch to something else. It is good to talk with colleagues too, especially when we see each other less in the office these days, there are sometimes phases between projects where things feel quieter. I always find that it is good to reach out to colleagues and have a chat to not feel alone working during these remote times.

About Munira

Munira Khamitova is a data scientist generalist who enjoys solving problems across different fields. She describes herself as tool agnostic and has a broad range of instruments in her toolbox. She enjoys transforming fuzzy ideas into strict shapes.

In her spare time, Munira attends a horseback riding school, no matter what the weather is like outside.


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