October 5, 2018
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Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen Presents the Latest Developments on AI and Recruitment at TalentAdore

TalentAdore is a Finnish start-up that aims to put a human touch back into recruitment. Their solution uses a virtual assistant that integrates the best parts of applicant tracking systems, advanced communication technologies with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NPL) to create personalized and timely feedback for job application candidates.

One of the challenges recruiters can face is the overwhelming number of applications that can be received for a job post. TalentAdore also note that candidates can also be customers of the same company that is recruiting, and therefore are also likely to share their experiences. The candidate recruitment experience has become as important as the customer experience as it can negatively or positively affect the company image and have an impact on the company’s ability to attract talent. Platforms such as Glassdoor further increase transparency of the candidate experience in the recruitment process and have also become influential in sourcing talent.

The seminar titled “Artificial intelligence and data support for recruitment and human resource management”, brought together Human Resource directors and recruitment professionals in Finland to hear about new ways of recruitment and human resource management in the workplace. Miira Leinonen, CMO from TalentAdore opened the seminar and sourced audience participation in a kahoot live survey. Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen, CEO and co-founder of DAIN Studios, gave a presentation on the Era of Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment, followed by a presentation on Data Modeling and AI Matching in Recruitment by Joni Latvala, CTO from TalentAdore.

About Ulla's Presentation

Ulla’s presentation showed how the term AI has skyrocketed in the past few years and that AI and Analytics have already started to be used in recruitment and human resource management. The presentation showed that there are different degrees of HR intelligence ranging from reporting, which includes HR systems that use metrics and score cards to source their data. Analytics and AI are higher degrees of HR intelligence because they use internal, external, historical and real time data to understand correlations and make predictions and optimizations. Contact us for more information on Ulla’s presentation.


Title: Latest Developments on AI and Recruitment at TalentAdore
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