June 11, 2018
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Global Artificial Intelligence Landscape, Including database with 3,465 AI companies (and yes, including DAIN Studios)

With countries after another announcing their strategies to be leaders in AI, it is interesting to have a look at where the real buzz is right now.

Here Asgard.VC, a venture capital firm specialized in AI, provides interesting input. In their report they have identified 3465 AI companies globally, analyzed their market shares and discuss reasons for the success in the countries that are thriving in this respect.

Asgard found that the majority of AI companies are coming from the United States, thanks to a mature, well-financed, and thriving digital ecosystem in Silicon Valley and the New York/Boston metropolitan area.

China is number #2, having Artificial Intelligence as part of their ambitious 5-year development plan and hence aggressively funding the area. Tiny Israel with quality universities and a strong hightech ecosystem is #3.  UK based AI companies have about 7% of global market share, taking UK to position #4 thanks to their entrepreneur and investor friendly environment where funding is readily available.

DAIN Studios is proud to be profiled as one of the 46 companies in Finland working on artificial intelligence, which we’d say is a pretty good number for a country of this size!


Download the full report here.


Title: Global AI Landscape by Asgard
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