October 4, 2018
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Dr. Olga Bodet from DAIN Studios takes Top Prize at the European Space Agency’s Space App Camp for Urbansat

Dr.Olga Bodet, Senior Data Scientist at DAIN Studios, teamed up with other members of the Zero Gravity team, Dr. Cedric Bodet, Senior Developer at Futurice, Dr. Svante Henriksson, Senior Researcher at the Finnish Meteorological Institute and Anthea Scholtz, a business developer and graphical designer, to take top prize in the European Space Agency’s Space App Camp.

The Zero Gravity team worked to design and innovate Urbansat, an App for urban planners. The map interface features high resolution imagery with interchangeable layers and calculated analytics using data from Copernicus sentinels. Urbansat aims to guide greener planning by providing urban planners with a range of data on green spaces, terrain, biodiversity and many more ecological features in one place at an affordable price. The app has a drag and drop feature which allows users to compare scenarios for both pre and post-build for construction sites. This allows rapid monitoring and prediction of expected impacts of constructing a building on local parameters, such as air quality.

The Space App Camp was held at the European Space Agency’s Earth Observation Center in Frascati, Italy. It brought 24 App developers from 11 countries who also spent a week transforming the latest Copernicus Sentinel data into accessible information for a broad audience. More information on the event can be viewed on the European Space Agency’s Website.

About Olga Bodet

Dr. Olga Bodet, Senior Data Scientist, holds a Masters degree in Life Science Informatics from Bonn University, and a PhD in Biophysics and Medical Physics from Heidelberg University in collaboration with the University of Cambridge. She also has won the space track at the Junction Hackathon 2017 for Bioplanner,and was awarded the special prize from the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s at ESA Space BIC Hack hosted by Ultra Hack in 2018.


Title: Dr. Olga Bodet from DAIN Studios Takes Top Prize
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