June 26, 2018
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DAIN Studios recently became a proud sponsor to Helsinki Fashion Week

DAIN Studios recently became a proud sponsor to Helsinki Fashion Week, organized by the Nordic Fashion Week Association – an organization committed to promoting the internationalization of Finnish fashion. The Nordic Fashion Week Association support new designers with a focus on sustainable fashion.

The sponsorship is part of DAIN Studios commitment to promote the use of digitalization and data to improve sustainability and the environment. Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen, CEO of DAIN Studios Finland explains “the fashion industry is under disruption from a diverse range of forces. Customers have high expectations from their favored brands, and we see these expectations include fashion that can make a positive social statement, while being environmentally conscious. Digitalization, analytics and AI can improve supply chain efficiency and reduce waste by predicting inventory needs and consumer preferences. It is something I think that the fashion industry can benefit from, and DAIN Studios is keen to drive insights and accelerate growth in businesses committed to improving people, planet and prosperity.”

DAIN Studios will be at Helsinki Fashion Week between July 20-25. Come see Dirk Hofmann, co-founder of DAIN Studios, with other representatives from Tesla, Solar Voima and the Infinited Fiber Company, on the panel for Innovation and Sustainability – It’s a match!


Nina Perälä from the Nordic Fashion Week Association interviews Dirk Hofmann (Co-founder and CEO of DAIN Studios in Germany) and Majella Clarke (Analytics Strategist) about how data, AI and DAIN Studios can make fashion sustainable.

Contact: Majella Clarke


Title: DAIN Studios Sponsors Helsinki Fashion Week
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