July 23, 2018
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DAIN Studios has partnered with Elisa to support and mentor the start-ups for the Elisa AI Co-creation Challenge.

As Helsinki prepares to host the world’s leading start-up event Slush in November, Elisa, a Finnish telecommunications giant, will be hosting the AI Co-creation Challenge at Slush. 13 teams have been selected for the chance to work with Elisa on creating new AI products and services and win 50,000 euros at Slush 2018. The selected teams come from eight different countries from around the globe.

DAIN Studios has partnered with Elisa to support and mentor the start-ups for the Elisa AI Co-creation Challenge.

Dirk Hofmann, Co-founder of DAIN Studios mentioned that “there is an excellent list of startups with promising use cases that can leverage Elisa data assets and services. We, at DAIN Studios, are excited to be a Partner of Elisa and look forward to supporting the participating startups for the finals at Slush”.

Participating Startups

Aalto University – Student team lead by Matti Parkkila, with an impressive track record of two Junction Hackathons wins; challenged to utilise AI on customer service emails.

Anzyz – Uniquely integrates supervised, unsupervised and manual rule based learning through a text analytical algorithm  and enables interpretation and understanding of the contextual meaning in Big Data; challenged to utilise AI on customer service emails.

Gridfore – Reactive Intelligent Platform (GRIP) is an analytical platform for working with real-time data, containing all the necessary components and providing support for the full implementation cycle without the use of additional tools.

Lifemote – We build artificial intelligence that manages home WiFi for ISPs; challenged to improve quality and customer experience on home wifi networks.

Mashinga – An intelligent meeting assistant. Coordinate meetings, converse and collaborate locally and remotely, track meeting outcomes; challenged to create an NLU for Finnish language.

Nitor – A software company that produces digital success stories for our clients. In 2018, the Digital Engineering company was chosen as Finland’s Best Workplace.

Signality – We add superpowers to video with AI. Our software platform extracts data in real-time from any video stream. We give sport clubs, media companies, and sports rights holders the power to extract more data in real-time than ever before to enable new sports experiences and insights.

Speechly Voice technology translates spoken words into actionable tasks in fractions of a second; challenged to create an NLU for Finnish language.

Swim.AI – Software produces insights and predictions by combining machine learning & edge (grid) computing on edge devices.

Thuuz – Harnessing the power of excitement. Excitement is more than just the emotion within a sporting event; it’s the energy that drives fan engagement. Harnessing the power of excitement, Thuuz provides service providers with solutions enabling automated highlights production, content marketing intelligence, and programming guide enhancements.

Top Data Science – Data Analytics, Image Analysis, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning; challenged to make automated recommendations on prescriptions for doctors.

University of Jyväskylä. Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan Asghar is  experienced in research and development of AI-driven 4G LTE/5G Self-organizing Network (SON) solutions with a focus on wireless access networks.

Video++ – Video AI advertising, video e-commerce, interactive entertainment, new IP content production, and anchor economic MCN organization.

Other partners for the Elisa AI Co-creation Challenge include:

Finnish Centre for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) – A research center for Artificial Intelligence in Finland, initiated by Aalto University, University of Helsinki, and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Maki.VC  The go-to VC for early-stage entrepreneurs committed to building the next big thing.

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