February 28, 2019
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Kalevala AI poem machine is a neural network that generates poems using the Kalevala metre.

Add a word and a new poem will be generated. The seed word has to be found in the original Kalevala epoc. The machine will suggest different Kalevala words for you when you start to write the word.

You can try out the AI text generator on the Helsingin Sanomat website: Syötä HS:n Kalevala-koneeseen sana – saat tekoälyn kirjoittaman runon

Like with all machine learning and artificial intelligence, the text generation is fundamentally based on recognizing patterns in the data. The neural network is simply predicting the next word based on the previous context, and this process is repeated over and over again. This means that although our neural network can generate text that looks poetic and convincing, the algorithm has no understanding of concepts such as the plot of Kalevala or the relationship between characters in the story. Currently, there is no way for an algorithm to generate a story with meaningful plot and characters. This sort of creativity cannot be reduced to a machine learning task, at least not yet.

Although creating truly creative and insightful stories are outside the reach of AI at the moment, the recent advances in natural language processing have been astounding. Consider the work of OpenAi for instance (https://blog.openai.com/better-language-models/). The text generated by their machine learning model seems so authentic, that the researchers are not releasing the work fully to the public due to “concerns about large language models being used to generate deceptive, biased, or abusive language at scale”. OpenAI’s model works the same as ours – it is trained to predict the next word that occurs in the text. Given enough training data, it can learn to generate very convincing text for contexts that are represented well in the training data. Still, it is limited in the sense that it has no semantic data model or ontologies.

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