• How should we improve our data governance and operating model?
  • Which roles and responsibilities are needed for data?
  • How do we achieve the FAIR principles for data?
  • Define how to take data policies into use (e.g., GDPR, data standards, auditability, controls).


  • Create sustainable data governance processes.
  • Define data roles, organization and team structures.
  • Define data use case demand and delivery processes.
  • Translate FAIR data principles into actions and define implementation plan.
  • Identify, validate and take key data policies into use.


  • Data governance and operating model for data and analytics.
  • Data talent, organization structure, RACI defined
  • Data catalogued for most important data sources, data attributes (incl. definitions).
  • Conceptual data architecture.
  • Concept for (internal) data marketplace to access FAIR data.
  • Critical data policies identified, defined, and audited.
Business Value

Data Governance & Organisation Structure


Forest industry company

Our client is a forest industry company operating on global markets. They produce a wide range of renewable products such as timber, paper and biochemicals for construction, packaging and more.

DAIN has helped define and implement data governance practices and related roles and responsibilities.

Industrial Goods

Data & AI Transformation

Data Governance & organisation structure

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Saara Hyvönen
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