• Significant and ongoing invest into data and AI created many proof-of-concepts with little tangible business impact
  • R&D-specific data requirements were not accounted for sufficiently in the company’s overall data approach
  • Data expertise roles were not established nor integrated into core processes
  • Data governance processes were unclear


  • Systematically assessed the data maturity of all R&D teams along the complete R&D process
  • Defined the target state for the client’s corporate R&D as well as for each separate R&D function
  • Defined the capability roadmap and “acceleration use cases”
  • Defined and harmonized all data and analytics roles for R&D


  • R&D Data Strategy approved by all R&D heads
  • Research partnership strategy for data and AI defined
  • Successfully implemented the first “acceleration use cases for data science”
  • Data roles established in the client’s job catalogue
Business Value

Data Strategy, Operating Model, Acceleration Use Cases



The client is a global pharmacological company with several divisions and nearly 10 BEUR annual budget for R&D.

The client wanted to transform its R&D functions to be able to include data and AI throughout the whole process.

Healthcare, Pharma

Data & AI Transformation

Data strategy & acceleration use cases

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Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen
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