• Passenger and freight ships sail a long time on seas.
  • At some point in time, the toilet facilities break and new parts are requested.
  • Installation and service data resided in thousands of files with various types (e.g., images, drawings) and was hard to find.
  • The client had started a manual effort to compile a product and spare-part database, but the effort was deemed to be too slow. Some more modern, automated methods were needed​.


  • In the initial phase, we made a 3-day effort to assess the effort. We looked at samples of the data and talked to the experts to understand the business domain.
  • Subsequently, we developed an automated NLP-based BOM tool that collects product and spare part information from various sources to help manual inspection.
  • We created a cloud-based architecture with various AI algorithms to automate the processing of the files and integrate the BOM to the database.


  • 75 percent of the previously manual BOM processing work could be automated with the AI system.
  • The service delivery business sped up considerably as it was known, which parts were installed into which ships and when.
Business Value

Service, Sales, Delivery.


Marine Cleantech Company

The client is the world’s leading provider of integrated water and waste management systems and waste management technologies and corrosion-protection systems for the marine and building industries.  

Energy, Resources & Environment, Industrial Goods

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Service, Sales, Delivery 

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Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen
Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen
CEO of DAIN Studios Finland, Co-Founder