February 15, 2022
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We are happy to introduce you to two members of our Helsinki BI Team, Timo and Mai. Timo is a Senior BI Developer and Mai started her journey at DAIN as intern and is now a BI Developer.

Timo, you have worked for a few years at DAIN and Mai, you’ve recently started here, could you tell more about what made you become a BI developer? 

Timo: I worked in a digital marketing agency before starting to work in dashboard development and I was doing more excel sheet style reporting. I was first leading a team that was doing report building, and then I got interested in that myself and got involved in learning as well. I’m still fascinated after my years of experience, how to combine the strategic perspective with visual interface in the best possible way.

Mai: My background is in business. Business is all about numbers and a matter of visualizing them in a format that makes them readable. I like how the role is a mix of the business side and data science.

Timo: I strongly believe that providing visual interfaces to data is one of the key elements that support decision making. I enjoy when I can help others in understanding some complex phenomena presenting it in a visual, readable format.

"I strongly believe that providing visual interfaces to data is one of the key elements that support decision making."

How would you describe your typical day at DAIN?

Mai: The days are very different.

Timo: Longer projects provide more routine and structure but there are always new interesting projects with new business problems to tackle.

Mai: Internally we keep in touch with our pool of developers and share knowledge and tips throughout the week. The days are a combination of meetings with clients, dashboard development and learning independently. There are a lot of check-ins with my mentor , Timo.

Timo: One of the best things is that while working together with our skilled data scientist and data engineer colleagues, one learns really fast themselves as well. At DAIN you can choose your own preferred tools.  There are always new ways to learn and that keeps everything interesting as well.

Mai Nguyễn
Mai Nguyễn meeting an alpaca during DAIN team days in Germany 2021.

If you would give your younger self a piece of advice before starting, what would that be?

Mai: I would say to be bold and try new things, even if they were not part of your original career plan. Hop on the analytics trend!

Timo: Definitely, even the very technical side. I believe especially in the future it is very valuable to be able to provide your own analysis.

What are your best tips to stay motivated and connected during the remote times?

Mai: It is great that we can find the times that work best for us and if the projects allow, we can take some hours offline during the day and work later for example. It is encouraged to get in contact with colleagues even with small topics, you don’t need to create a whole huge agenda.

Timo: I agree. It is also motivating to have the opportunity to visit the office every now and then as well to see people face to face.

Timo Norros
Timo Norros feeding an alpaca in Germany 2021

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