July 3, 2023
physical Event
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(Left to right): Michael Breidenbrücker, Ted Krubasik, Stephan Hazzam, Dirk Hofmann

Munich, 3 July 2023: “AI Monday” celebrates its Munich premiere.

● Fostering new AI impulses through platform by DAIN Studios and Ray Sono
● AI community debut on autonomous production
● “Industrial standstill can be traced back to cultural problems”

On Monday night, representatives of cross-sector institutions and companies came together at digital expert Ray Sono as part of the renowned AI networking event series by DAIN Studios to exchange ideas about common applications and future potentials of artificial intelligence in production, under the title ” On the way to autonomous production: Implications for the entire organization.

The two-hour event focused on presentations by digital experts – including Michael Breidenbrücker , founder of the social music platform Last.fm .

In the industry, stagnation is caused by a lack of acceptance of autonomous processes by employees, ” summarized the entrepreneur. Why should people rely on AI if they are afraid of losing their jobs as a result?

The basic approach, in his opinion, therefore, is the synthesis in the long-term collaboration of humans and machines. Automatically generated data makes our work more efficient but does not necessarily make it redundant.

One of the participants’ common conclusions during the final exchange with Breidenbrücker and the other speakers Ted Krubasik (Siemens) and Stephan Hazzam (Linde): Only if all dimensions of an organization are coordinated can the introduction of (partially) autonomous systems be successful in the long term.

The man-made preparation consists of the provision of state-of-the-art technologies, the integration into corporate structures, regulation and, above all, regular exchange.

Sebastian Krüger , CEO of Ray Sono AG, also emphasizes this: ” In order not to fall behind in the jungle of rapidly developing technologies, it is essential to regularly look beyond one’s own nose. From now on, ‘AI Monday’ in Munich will be the platform for uses cases and discourse on AI.

He added that the premiere made it clear that digital transformation is at the strategic heart of companies far beyond the boundaries of the digital industry. We are very grateful to our partners at DAIN Studios for entrusting us with hosting this established format in Bavaria for the first time.

The next event for the international event series’ spin-off is planned soon. For more information head to https://www.ai-monday.de

AI Monday

AI Monday was created in the Monday tradition by the Finnish consultancy company Taival in 2017. Over the next five years the event series nurtured a network between business professionals and tech enthusiasts. The gatherings became known for their no nonsense, straight-talking approach to AI.

DAIN Studios has always had a strong belief in fostering community in the AI sector, and in 2022 the organization started overseeing AI Monday.

Hosted by Ray Sono

Meet our Experts at Auf dem Weg zur autonomen Produktion: Implikationen für die gesamte Organisation

Dirk Hofmann
Co-Founder and CEO of DAIN Studios Germany
Event Details
Title: Auf dem Weg zur autonomen Produktion: Implikationen für die gesamte Organisation
Date: July 3, 2023 5:30 pm
Type: physical event
Location: Munich
Tumblingerstraße 30
, 80337
, München
Oct 10
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