Hugo Gävert is a passionate AI Evangelista. He has over 20 years of experience working in the forefront of applying AI to solve business problems.At DAIN Studios, he leads the AI development as the head of the Data Science Tribe.He believes that a successful AI project starts from understanding the business problem. Key step is formulating the business problem into the language of math, so to say. He has a good understanding of what can be accomplished with the help of analytics and which kind of technical enablers are needed. He’s also interested in fairness of the AI algorithms especially when they have large financial impacts on people and therefore the on society.Throughout his career, Hugo has worked in various roles, starting from data scientist to product owner roles as well as leading multiple data science and data engineering teams at OP, Sanoma, Nokia and Xtract. He joined DAIN Studios from OP Financial group, where he led the AI development in Finanssiäly, a strategic companywide AI initiative featuring 30 data scientists.

Before OP, Hugo built and led the data science teams of Sanoma in Finland and in the Netherlands. The team built advanced online targeting models based on media consumption and using real-time streaming data as well as big data. The team also built multiple recommender systems for online stores.

At Nokia, he led the data science team of Nokia Music, building recommender systems to the music store as one of the big data pioneers in Finland. Originally, he joined the Nokia CDIP program, led by Dirk Hofmann.Hugo started his career in a data science consultancy company, Xtract, as one of the founders, serving clients around the world in different industries ranging from media and publishing companies to retail and telecom companies. He was one of the forces driving social network analytics product to the telecom operators that had networks of millions of customers.

Hugo Gävert holds a M.Sc. from the Helsinki University of Technology and worked in the Laboratory of Computer and Information Science.

Hugo Gavert

Hugo Gävert

Chief Data and AI Officer
Studio Helsinki

Hugo Gävert

Chief Data and AI Officer
DAIN Studio Helsinki

Why do you like working at DAIN Studios Helsinki?

"The best people!"

If you could solve one problem using data and ML, what would it be?

"World economics. "