Sten-Kristian Saluveer

Sten Saluveer

Founder & CEO
at Storytek Innovationlab

“Crescine represents a collaborative effort in Europe’s film and content landscape, highlighting the importance of data-driven decision-making. As Europe’s film and content industries evolve, integrating data into financing, production, and distribution becomes increasingly vital. The Crescine project brings together researchers, data specialists, and industry professionals to develop data-driven solutions and insights. In a world rich with information, Crescine aims to equip Europe with the tools and knowledge necessary for informed content creation and distribution.”


Storytek Innovationlab

CRESCINE’s overall objective is to enhance the competitiveness and cultural diversity of the European film industry. This will be achieved by understanding, engaging with, empowering, and ultimately transforming European small markets through original research and piloting the results in 7 countries. The countries within our specific scope are Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium (Flanders), Croatia, and Portugal.