June 6, 2019
live Event
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Use the Force 2019 was hosted by Senseforce at an event that focused on presenting concrete applications of digitalisation within various industries. The message given was pretty clear, digitalisation needs technology, and above all else, it needs people to drive change and transformation.

About Senseforce

Senseforce is located in Austria and believe that machine manufacturers face similar challenges on their digitalisation journey even though they serve a broad diversity of industries. Driven by this challenge, Senseforce built a team consisting of highly skilled and passionate developers, data scientists and a management team with a proven track record in system and solutions engineering, automation, lean manufacturing and finance. Leveraging the organisation’s talent, the mission of Senseforce is to empower their clients’ entire organisation ranging from customer service, engineering, sales, operations, quality assurance to purchase departments, with new tools that can pave the way to become a data driven organisation.

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Featuring DAIN Studios

Meet our Experts at Use the Force 2019 with Dirk Hofmann

Dirk Hofmann
Co-Founder and CEO of DAIN Studios Germany
Event Details
Title: Use the Force 2019 with Dirk Hofmann
Type: live event
Location: Use the Force 2019
Oct 10
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