October 17, 2019
live Event
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Many organizations are aware that while AI technology can offer unique features to a product, the understanding of its potential role in the prototyping and development of new offerings is limited. Yet the ready availability of AI technologies — such as high-level machine learning frameworks, pre-trained models, and cloud computing infrastructure and services — makes it easier than ever before to quickly move from initial concept to a sophisticated prototype.

The challenge for designers is to understand where AI can contribute most effectively in this process while avoiding common pitfalls. Potential obstacles include limited availability of relevant data, the effectiveness of models when deployed in the real-world, and the risk of reaching for an AI toolkit before the business model is clear.

Ultimately, the best solutions are likely to come not from technology alone, but from an agile collaboration between data scientists and designers with a strong focus on iteration and the integration of diverse stakeholders.

Swing by at 8:30am for your dose of caffeine. James will begin at 9am! We look forward to seeing you at the IXDS studio at Ganghoferstraße 68b, 80339 München.

Or read more about the event and the host IXDS on this link.

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James is a Senior AI Consultant at DAIN Studios in Munich. He has more than 10 years experience applying advanced analytics in the energy, education, and pharmaceutical sectors. He has led teams to conduct internationally-recognised academic research, to provide operational data services in regulated industries, to design and deliver data-driven organisational change, and to communicate analytics insights to the general public, subject experts, and senior management audiences with clarity and style.

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Meet our Experts at Pre-Work Talk by DAIN Studios at IXDS

James Keirstead
Senior AI Consultant
Event Details
Title: Pre-Work Talk by DAIN Studios at IXDS
Date: October 17, 2019 8:30 am
Type: live event
Location: IXDS
Ganghoferstraße 68b
, 80339 Munich
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