July 5, 2019
live Event
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MUSIC THINK with Majella Clarke


The one hour discussion will focus on three specific areas. The first focus area will present a brief history of how algorithms and formulas have been used to construct music, from fugues to 12-note serial compositions – expect to listen to excerpts from Schoenberg and Bach.

The second focus of the presentation is on data sonficiation – asking the question, what is the purpose of data sonification? Can data sonification be used to make a social impact with sound and art? The research has been driven by a series of data visualisations that have gone viral on the web, that certainly make us think about climate change. Can we make use of sonification techniques to make the viewer feel something? The demonstration will focus on the recent algorithmic composition / sound art piece by Majella Clarke, Failure-as-a-Service: Climate Change, presented at the Artic Arts Summit in June 2019.

Participants will then get a step-by-step instruction on how to construct their own algorithmic compositions using sonification of data. Different methods will be presented including how to create audio illusions with data sonification.

The talk will conclude with a focus on using artificial intelligence for creating music. It will explore the current state-of-the-art developments and limitations in artificial intelligence for music creativity and give a few tests to the listeners – can you tell the difference between human music composition and artificial intelligence?

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About the Speaker: Majella Clarke, Senior Analytics Strategist at DAIN Studios, is also a musician and artist. She specialises in the performance and composition of stochastic music, aleatoric music and algorithmic composition.

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