Meetup 3/2017 – Analytics meets Privacy @eCraft

Our third meetup of the year was hosted by eCraft in Espoo. Tommi Vilkamo, Chief Data Scientist, eCraft spoke wiht the title “The Machine Goes Mainstream: how Finnish companies have started to use machine learning and advanced analytics to solve practical business problems”. While most companies are still in the early stages in utilizing analytics (see picture), Tommi presented some fascinating cases the eCraft team has been working on eg in real estate, as well as some practical advice on how to make an analytics project succeed.  His tips? Start by proper definition of the goals.  Make the results easy to understand. Start small, new applications will come up.

Analytics meets Privacy @eCraft

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Analytics meets Privacy @eCraft on May 11, 2017

The second speaker of the evening was Henri Kujala, Chief Privacy Officer at HERE Technologies. HERE is an innovator in location-driven solutions, and Henri started his presentation by showcasing some of the applications they have worked on with the auto industry. There are already 4M+ cars out there with sensors gathering data eg on the road condition, with numbers rapidly rising.

The hot topic of the day, and the one raising the busiest discussion of our events sofar, was privacy and the upcoming GDPR. This is Henri’s special area of expertise, and obviously something crucial to take into account in location based services, so many practical examples and advice were shared.

Meetup 3/2017 – Analytics meets Privacy @eCraft      Meetup 3/2017 – Analytics meets Privacy @eCraft

Meetup 3/2017 – Analytics meets Privacy @eCraft

Meetup 3/2017 – Analytics meets Privacy @eCraft

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Title: Analytics meets Privacy @eCraft
Date: May 11, 2017
Type: live event
Location: Helsinki Data Science Meetup

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