September 11, 2019
live Event
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Our last Data Science Meetup was hosted by SOK on Wednesday the 11th of September.

S Group is a customer-owned Finnish network of companies in the retail and service sectors, with more than 1,800 outlets in Finland. S Group consists of cooperatives and SOK with its subsidiaries, which engage in the travel and hospitality business in Estonia and Russia, among other operations.

The S Group offers services in the supermarket trade, the department store and specialty store trade, service station store and fuel sales, the travel and hospitality business and the hardware trade. In addition, some of the cooperatives have car dealerships and agricultural outlets in their regions. They provide all of their co-op members with comprehensive banking services through S-Bank.

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This was the agenda of the Data Science Meetup:

  • 17:30 Networking and snacks
  • 18:00 Welcoming words by SOK and DAIN Studios, Head of Data Science, Mikael Ruohonen, SOK, Saara Hyvönen, Co-Founder, DAIN Studios
  • 18:10 Building a content recommendation system, Data Scientist, Jesse Vuorinen, SOK
  • 18:40 Using receipt data in retail assortment planning at S Group, Data Scientist, Ossi Lehtinen, SOK
  • 19:10 Short break
  • 19:15 Boosting mortgage sales with AI in S-Pankki, Data Scientist, Pekka Lehtonen, S-Pankki
  • 19:45-20:00 Networking
Featuring DAIN Studios

Meet our Experts at Meetup 2/19: Analytics Goes Lifestyle @ SOK

Saara Hyvönen
Co-Founder and Analytics Executive
Event Details
Title: Meetup 2/19: Analytics Goes Lifestyle @ SOK
Date: September 11, 2019 5:30 pm
Type: live event
Location: Helsinki Data Science Meetup
Ruoholahdenranta 3
, Helsinki
Oct 10
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